5 Reasons For Doing Yoga During Pregnancy

5 Reasons For Doing Yoga During Pregnancy

This is the perfect time to practice Yoga during pregnancy as your body is changing and adjusting to being pregnant. Check out these reasons why.

1. Better Posture

A Pregnancy Yoga class will introduce poses to encourage good posture, balance and stability. The centre of balance and spinal curves change as your bump grows. To maintain a healthy posture an Ante Natal Teacher will suggest poses to strengthen the back muscles and the supporting muscles such as the buttocks and thighs.

2. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

A study shows that doing Yoga during pregnancy may reduce stress and anxiety. It said that those who did yoga felt less anxious about their pregnancy and birth. A weekly class reduces stress hormones in the body by 14%, even after the first yoga class, and can possibly prevent depressive moods, according to the research.

3. Strength for Labour and Birth

Strengthening exercises and poses in Yoga will support you during labour. This is a time where women need a lot of stamina and strength as well as being able to deeply relax between contractions. Yoga classes will teach poses suitable for this time as well as techniques such as relaxation, breathing and meditation.

4. Stay Fit, Strong and Flexible

Yoga is an excellent way to exercise during pregnancy. An Ante Natal Yoga class can still include sequences to build up stamina, muscle tone as well as stretching, whilst accommodating the pregnant body.

5. Easier Post Natal Recovery

If a woman is strong before pregnancy it is easier to maintain fitness levels whilst pregnant. If she is fit during pregnancy the postpartum recovery will be easier too. Pelvic floor exercises are practiced in Ante Natal Yoga. If you are connected with the pelvic floor muscles before giving birth it will be easier to strengthen them after. Strong flexible muscles heal quicker too. The breathing and relaxation techniques are useful afterwards as well. We need to relax in order to restore.

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