0_0_0_0_112_116_csupload_45753818Fiona is an Ante Natal & Post Natal Fitness Expert with a number of advanced qualifications. Fiona works with a number of clients offering Advanced Personal Training during Pregnancy, Pregnancy Yoga, Pilates, Pregnancy Nutrition, Post Natal Training, Buggy Push Classes and much more. REPs Level 3.

Fiona has been teaching for many years in group exercise, one-to-one sessions working with many women teaching them about health and wellbeing during their pregnancy and after birth. Having attended a vast array of training courses and workshops, keeping up to date with the ever changing information and medical conditions out there. Her priority is to keep the women who attend her classes aware and well informed. She also works in schools and nurseries.

Fiona says “Pregnancy is one of the most rewarding, and challenging experiences a woman faces”

Being a new mum to a wonderful little boy, Fiona found while she was pregnant, there wasn’t any pregnancy classes in her area, even though, she taught various fitness classes, she would have liked to attend a class instead of teaching and to socialise with other expectant mums. Also the idea of going to a class where she can take her child along is an wonderful idea. She doesn’t have to worry about childcare whilst working out, she can watch her child. Hence why Fiona has set up Buggy Push Classes, where new mums can workout, while their babies watch.

Fiona loves teaching and seeing the effect it has on those who she teaches. Fiona also values the importance of support and guidance during pregnancy and after.

Fiona prides herself in offering mums-to-be and new mums relaxation, strength and encouragement for birth and motherhood. Having gone through pregnancy herself, she can really relate to how the women feel and their concerns at that precious time and also how stressful and daunting it can be after baby when wanting to get back into shape.

When Fiona isn’t teaching, on training courses or being a mummy, she likes socialising with friends, going shopping or even just curling up on the sofa and chilling. 

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