Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


I thought I would touch on this slightly, due to a couple of ladies in class feeling this in there wrists. So it just gives you an outsight to what it’s all about. You can suffer with it during pregnancy and sometime well into post natal too but does easy.


Let’s get started..


Carpal Tunnel


Causes & Symptoms


  • The main nerve that serves your hand and fingers is called the Median Nerve. It passes through the Carpal Tunnel, a narrow space at the front of the wrist. The tendons that bend the fingers and wrist pass through the carpal tunnel so space is limited. Any swelling (in the case of pregnancy and post natal – caused by water retention) in the region will compress or irritate the Median Nerve and interfere with nerve impulses.
  • A loss of sensation or of pins and needles in the hands, wrists and or fingers (especially the thumb and first and second fingers) with sometimes accompanying numbness and weakness.
  • Occasionally the whole hand and forearm are affected and it can occur from conception, throughout pregnancy and sometimes well into the post birth period.




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