I really enjoyed Fiona’s Ante Natal Yoga Classes. A great opportunity to meet other mum’s to be and exercise safely and comfortably. Fiona also offers expert advice and support throughout the class. Thoroughly recommend you try her classes. Jen, Mansfield

I really enjoyed Fiona’s Ante Natal Yoga Classes, I attended this class from being 16 weeks pregnant and Monday evenings became the highlight of my weeks, I found the atmosphere at the classes relaxing and friendly. I suffered with back and pelvic pain during my pregnancy and the advice and support Fiona gave me really helped.  Even when I had my little boy via c-section Fiona was still there offering her support and advice on how to help ease my recovery.  Can’t thank her enough. I would definitely recommend these classes for any mums to be. Stacey, South Normanton

I thoroughly enjoyed Fiona’s antenatal yoga classes. They have a really friendly relaxed atmosphere and the advice Fiona provides is really helpful. The classes also gave me an opportunity to meet other expectant mums as well as helping me to cope with a painful PGP condition towards the end of my pregnancy. Karen, Mansfield

I really enjoyed the Yoga & Pilates classes and found them to be a gentle exercise I could do the whole way through my pregnancy.  The classes particularly helped ease the pain I was suffering as a result of SPD…” Stacy, Notts.

“I started Fiona’s antenatal yoga class when I was 17 weeks pregnant and continued until I was 38 weeks pregnant. I looked forward to the class every week because it helped me relax and I was provided with so many helpful tips for coping with pregnancy day to day and also during labour. The social aspect was also thoroughly enjoyable by mixing with other mums to be, sharing experiences and just having a really good giggle! I am sad that I can no longer join the class but look forward to starting buggy push. I would definitely recommend this class to all pregnant ladies!”  Lorraine, Mansfield

“I had only recently moved to the area when I found out I was pregnant.  I was worried about gaining too much weight and having trouble losing it after my baby was born.  Being new to the area I also wasn’t sure what things were available to new mums in this area and thought getting to know local mums to be, would help me find out more what mother and baby groups would be best to join after my little one was born.  My midwife recommended I try FitBumpsFitMums and its been great.  I’ve managed to keep active with the yoga and pilates up to a week before giving birth.  I got out and about more finding my way round the area going to the classes and have met lots of new mums which have become good friends.  Fiona is great and easy to talk to using and shares the experiences she’s had in pregnancy, birth and looking after her little boy to answer any queries or questions we have within the group.  She tailors all the exercises to everyone’s different levels of flexibility depending at what stage of pregnancy we are at and takes into account any back or pelvic problems which may have subsequently occurred.  After giving birth to my little boy Kaiden I have now joined Fiona’s Buggy Push class which we both enjoy.  I’ve now lost the baby weight and my body has bounced back well from the birth from the good stretching we do.  I’m now getting fit again ready for being able to run around after Kaiden when he gets bigger.  I also now have other mums to talk to about all the problems and worries that arrive when you get home with the baby and the fun really begins.”           Terry, Notts

“Fiona’s classes are friendly and informal. They were always enjoyable but especially useful during the third trimester when Fiona could recommend exercises for any particular pregnancy aches and pains. I even used some of the positions to help me during labour!” Gemma, S in A

“I attended Fiona’s yoga and pilates class from week 14 of my pregnancy on a Monday evening to help me relax in my pregnancy, do some light exercise and meet other mums to be! The class was great, informative too!  I had a bit of pelvic pain during my pregnancy, Fiona showed me some exercises to help relieve it. The different positions Fiona showed me also helped me when I was  in labour. I am now looking forward to Buggy Push where I can see all the mums and their new babies and get my body back into shape!”           Stacy, Kirkby

“Fiona’s antenatal classes were brilliant & really worked for me, I also met other mums to be. In the group Fiona really knew her stuff, she made me feel at ease and was a brilliant, relaxed and fun teacher. It doesn’t stop there though!! Her newsletters are brilliant and so is her advice” Mary, Notts

“I attended Fiona’s pregnancy yoga class, mainly for relaxation techniques and to meet other mums to be. Fiona made me feel so welcome, she is very friendly and so are all the other ladies. It doesn’t feel like your exercising it’s more of a social get together where you can swap advice, tips and generally have a laugh or a moan. The yoga itself really helped me relax through pregnancy and labour. It also helped ease my back pain for me. I’m counting the weeks down so I can attend buggy push with my daughter.”  Jodie, Blidworth

Having attended the fit bumps yoga and Pilates, I now attend the buggy push classes, both have been fantastic as the fit bumps helps you to meet mums to be in the same boat, get exercise while pregnant, knowing it is the right exercise for you & baby.  Buggy pushing is great as my group is full of mums from the fit bumps class, so really good to catch up, meet all the little ones and exchange tips and get support, Fiona is fantastic also as a mum, she really can relate, offer advice and I feel completely confident, that the exercises are helping me and are right for my body. It’s also great being able to take my daughter and not worry about having to sort a baby sitter. Thanks Fiona.

Kirkby in Ashfield

Fit bumps really helped me to stay in shape ready for the birth of my daughter and enabled me to meet some fantastic mums to be. Fiona was a great support and fantastic instructor, making the classes fun and relaxed. I suffered with SPD in my late pregnancy and Fiona showed me exercises to help relieve the pain.

I now attend the Buggy Push class which has helped me to meet new mums and of course start to get myself back in shape after pregnancy. Fiona specialises in post natal exercise, so I’m confident that the exercise I’m doing is right for my body. The best bit is that my daughter can come along with me and either be pushed around or watch from the side line.

Helen, S-in-A

“In my second pregnancy I attended Fit Bumps yoga & pilates with Fiona right up until Lila was born. I enjoyed having some ‘me’ time to relax, and think, away from my demanding toddler Holly and full time job. It was great to spend time with other mums and mums to be, who understood what my body was going through, and how I was feeling. I had such a laugh in the friendly atmosphere and felt supported in exercises knowing that Fiona was so experienced. I never felt guilty as this was also about the new baby growing inside me, preparing so I was much stronger physically and mentally, ready for the birth. I was able to enjoy labour, without pain relief, using many of the techniques and postures from class. I would recommend this to any expecting mum and am looking forward to Buggy Push class!”
Helen, mum to Holly & Lila

“Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates – I really enjoyed Fiona’s ante natal yoga & pilates class. The friendly and inviting atmosphere meant that I could relax whilst meeting other mums to be as well as trying to keep fit throughout my pregnancy. Being with other mums and Fiona meant I was confident to complete the yoga moves with the confidence that everyone else was in the same boat and that the moves were catered for each stage of your pregnancy! Thank you Fiona xx

Buggy Push – Without Fiona’s buggy push class I would not have had the confidence to start exercising after giving birth. Buggy push enables you to get out with your babies without having the added stress of having to find child care, all the ladies are in the same boat and so if babies need cuddles or feeding everyone is very understanding and Fiona is always there to offer a helping hand. Fiona’s class kick started my body into feeling stronger and aided the recovery of giving birth, thanks Fiona! Xx”

Jamie-Lee, S-in-A

“Fit Bumps Yoga Group is awesome! The group started the week I finished work for my maternity leave, so I joined to keep me busy while waiting to meet “little Pip”, meet other mums to be and to get some exercise before labour. The group is really friendly and I made some great friends who I still meet up with now. I am not a particularly exercise friendly person but found the exercises simple to master, relaxing and very helpful in preparation for birth. Fiona, the teacher is very friendly, great at explaining the exercises and helping you to perfect them. Having recently become a mum herself she knows how you are feeling and gives you advice to calm your nerves about the birth. I would recommend the group to anybody, my only regret is that the group started so late in my pregnancy.”

Vic, Kirkby in Ashfield

“Ante Natal Yoga/Pilates classes – I just wanted to send a quick thank you note to Fiona and to let all other pregnant ladies know that this is a must attend class. I found it very beneficial, fun and supportitive through my pregnancy. I would definately recommend this to everyone. Thank you once again Fiona.”

Nicola, Derbyshire

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