Due to popular requests for an early morning class from both pregnant and non pregnant ladies, I have decided to do a mixed class, which will work perfectly together.

Tuesdays 10.40am – 11.30am 

Venue: – Festival Hall, Hodgkinson Road, Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts.  Car parking is 60p but take the tear off slip inside and they will refund you the money back.


What are the Benefits of Yoga & Pilates Classes

Mixing Yoga and Pilates together gives you a perfect blend of strengthening, toning, increases your flexibility and stamina, it’s an whole body workout which works to ease back pain, hip and knee pain, pelvic girdle pain, helps release tension in the neck and shoulders, distress and unwind.

Whatever your ailments are, I am here to help guide you gently through various poses, making sure they are right for you.

No previous experience is necessary. Booking is essential. Limited spaces available. Click the button down below to book and reserve your place.

What do you need:

A mat, cushion and blanket are optional, bring a drink and wear comfortable clothing.

For further information or call Fiona 07877 083101 or email feejones.fj@googlemail.com

To Book click the button below
Yoga & Pilates Class Tues
6 weeks
Price: £47.00




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